Sex Toys While Pregnant: What to *Expect* When You're Expecting

So you have found yourself with a new little bundle of joy. Congratulations!


You have probably noticed how wild this can make your hormones. While these can bring some major ups and downs, one up worth noting is a lovely new sex drive.


I’m sure you have plenty of questions on the safety of getting it on (whether with a partner or with yourself). One being the possibility of disturbance with what is being inserted and the baby. Know that your mucous plug works as a strong barrier (some say a cork) that seals your cervix. This works as a barrier for your baby from the outside world. When exploring, be sure to ease into it with a smaller, more compact vibrator like our Bullet to the Heart.

Remember our good friend, oxytocin?? The love hormone plays a huge part in pregnancy, birth, and your connection and bond with your child. By now we know that orgasms release oxytocin, and oxytocin causes feelings of love and bonding. Women who have high levels of oxytocin early on in their pregnancy reported to have high connections with their children port-birth. See this study for more information.

If you start to feel more comfortable, work your way up to something like the Money Bunny. Get that oxytocin flowin for that baby, girl!

As always, please be sure to consult with your doctor.