5 Reasons You're Not Getting Wet When Turned On

When turned on, some women turn into a Niagara Falls and some women stay about as dry as the Sahara. Guess what? Both and everything in between is perfectly normal and perfectly fine, but what are some reasons you may be dry?

So let’s start by taking a look at this very textbook anatomically correct animated image of a vagina. The Bartholin’s Glands are located right outside of the vaginal opening. When you get excited, these lil gals send a signal to secrete your vaginal opening so things can sliiiiiide right in. Now there’s also the Skene’s Gland, which is located more externally, by your urethra. Now this lil gal is also responsible for lubricating for sexual situations, and rumor has it that this one is responsible for you squirters out there, although there is no hard proof because the female orgasm hasn’t been properly researched in depth (come on PEOPLE LET’S RESEARCH FEMALE ORGASMS PLEASE).


Here are 5 reasons you’re not getting wet when turned on:

1.     Estrogen Levels: Estrogen is responsible for the lubrication that secretes from our glands, but your estrogen levels may be low if this is a consistent issue. Some reasons your estrogen levels may be low can stem from chemotherapy or radiation, menopause, or childbirth. If you are experiencing dryness and are concerned, speak to your doctor about the possibility of hormonal therapy.

2.     Medication: Some meds may be helping with colds or allergies, but antihistamines can leave you high and dry (literally). You may also be experiencing some adverse side effects from antidepressants.

3.     Douching: Sometimes too much cleaning can leave you without any of your natural bacteria and lubricants!

4.     Breastfeeding: You just gave birth to a human. This ties in with estrogen levels, which can lead to dry spells.

5.     Your Connection with Yourself or Your Partner: We want to make sure to encourage all of you out there to connect with you, your vagina, and your partner! Maybe they just don’t ~do it~ for you?


So what do you do? Speak to your doctor if you think this is a serious issue. Otherwise, make sure you’re drinking enough water (sometimes it’s as simple as that), eating a well-balanced diet - see this healthline article on foods that are good for your vagina, and being patient with yourself! Foreplay is HUGE when it comes to increasing your lubrication.

Sometimes a partner or toys can help rev things up. Give a smaller, more discreet vibrating toy a shot to help stimulate. We recommend the Bullet to the Heart or the Egg-Static to see if external vibrating stimulation helps wake up your Bartholin’s Glands.

As always, love yourself and be patient with yourself. Do more research on your body, your daily environment, foods and drinks you are consuming, and your stress levels.