Buzzfeed Features Voodoo Toys for Valentines Day


We were thrilled to see our friends at Buzzfeed gave us a shout-out ahead of Valentine’s Day this year. Our toys are designed to be used solo or for play with a partner, and our Bullet To The Heart is perfect for the bedroom. Read the full article below!

Maybe you’ve been together so long you’re in need of a little shake-up and some extra spice, or maybe this is your first Valentine's being “official”. Either way, we get that it’s not always easy coming up with fresh ideas to bring some fun to your Valentine's Day plans. Here’s our guide:

1.) Stage a Staycation

Love the feeling of going away for the weekend to a ritzy resort but don’t want the pricetag? Plan to make your place feel like a mini hotel by getting fresh sheets, fluffing the pillows, stocking the fridge with champagne & chocolates.

2.) Cook together

Sure, you probably share the cooking duties at home, but there’s something special about planning a fancy meal together and switching the tv off, pouring some red wine, and making a little heat (and mess) in the kitchen. Keep the heat going in the bedroom with the couples favorite toy, Voodoo’s new Bullet To The Heart designed for both of you to enjoy.

3.) Make a personal memories Playlist

If you’re in a bit of a rut, or want to make sure the mood is right, spend time creating a playlist of the songs that mean something to you as a couple - whether it’s from live shows you’ve seen, your favorite Road Trip anthems, or lyrics that remind you of when you first fell in love.

4.) Get gifts that bring you closer together

Roses are pretty, but they’re usually a little one-sided. The best gifts are things that can bring you closer together - things like concert tickets, great food, or a discreet gift for the bedroom for you to both enjoy. Our favourite brand for those just starting out with exploring toys is Voodoo.

5.) Make it personal

Your favourite gifts are usually ones where someone has got it specifically for you - a reference to your favorite food, movie or vacation spot. Spend a minute thinking about your partner's favorite memories, and get them something that reminds them of that.