MTV News Covers the Struggles Femme-Focused Sex Toy Brands Face - with Voodoo Brand Manager Sally Cotching

Image via MTV

Image via MTV

MTV News recently reached out to Voodoo about our own struggles advertising as a Sex Toy company - and how we keep reaching roadblocks from big companies that determine who gets to advertise, and who doesn’t (think Facebook, Instagram, Google and transit authorities).

Original Article Written By: By Mary Emily O’Hara on July 19th 2019

Yep, it’s happening and it sucks. Queer, feminist, and sexual wellness brands are being blocked from running ads on Facebook and Instagram. As a female empowerment brand encouraging women to put their pleasure first and strive to break down the stigmas and taboos surrounding self-love; we have the right to spread that message on our platforms while expanding our message to new comers. We demand to be apart of this conversation to help close the gap between sex-positive messages and advertisement.

A couple months ago Voodoo tried to run Instagram and Facebook ads promoting a special International Women’s Day sale; the ads didn’t use images of any products, only an illustration of a women’s symbol with the phrase “we cherish you.” The ads were shut down immediately and told both platforms ban “ads that promote adult products or services such as sex toys, sexual enhancement products, or sexual videos and publications.”


Voodoo brand manager Sally Cotching finds that puzzling.

“It is frustrating for us when brands like Hims can promote sexual performance-enhancing products for men — we support this, by the way, they are a great brand — yet a female-focused brand designed for women to enjoy themselves and close the 'pleasure gap' cannot, when men report reaching climax during sex far more often than women,” Cotching told MTV News.

To read the full article here and be a part of the conversation!

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