Deluxe Mega Wand

Deluxe Mega Wand


I’m Voodoo’s largest personal body massager that deeply and intensely satisfies, transporting your mind to another place. With 28 earth-shattering vibration patterns to help you tailor your experience and a cushioned bendable neck for flexibility where you need it, I have a special high strength motor with exceptionally powerful, yet quiet vibrations. 

I’m made from soft, premium grade silicone for complete comfort and 100% waterproof for relaxing massages in the bath or shower.

  • Ultra Powerful High Strength Motor

  • 28x Pulsations

  • High-Grade Silicone

  • 100% Water Resistant 

  • Wireless

  • USB Rechargeable

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VT-0327 | Deluxe Mega Wireless 28X Pink | 812024030327

VT-0334 | Deluxe Mega Wireless 28X Purple | 812024030334

VT-0341 | Deluxe Mega Wireless 28X Black | 812024030341