Your First Time Anal Guide

Thinking about exploring a little in the bum? There are so many questions to ask and as with anything, once you actually bite the butt bullet, you will start to become a pro before you know it. However, everyone needs some heads up prior to sticking anything up there.

Okay here we go.

  1. If you are feeling anxious about clearing things out down there, then go ahead! Some people use enemas and some use anal douches. Some people don’t take this step, it’s all based on your personal comfort level, the comfort of your partner, and any stomach issues you may have.

  2. LUBE IS YOUR FRIEND. I repeat. LUBE IS YOUR FRIEND. Your anus doesn’t secrete the same natural lubricant as your vagina, you need extra help. Don’t as questions, just get the lube, preferably one that is water based.

  3. Try playing with yourself before including someone else. Using a finger or, if you’re feeling adventurous, your favorite vibrator. Just make sure you’re incorporating lubricant. We would recommend starting with the Bullet to the Heart to help loosen you up.

  4. Be patient, take your time, and go slowly. While you’re by yourself or with a partner, make sure to remember that patience is key. The more relaxed you are, the better! It also helps to incorporate your normal foreplay to ensure you are feelin’ it, stimulated, and ready to go! Also, make sure it’s nice and slow - especially your first time.

  5. This doesn’t have to be an all-in-one situation. Hopefully your first time is with someone you trust, who can take a few times to help ease you into this process. The first time might not work immediately. Make sure whatever is going in is going a little bit at a time. The anticipation from rimming can be suuuuuuper hot anyways.

  6. Communication is key!! Make sure you’re letting your partner know if something feels good or if it is painful (it shouldn’t be!). While doing this, make sure your positions are good for you as well. Doggy style, laying on your stomach, and laying on your side with your top leg slightly bent are good go-to positions.

  7. Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable with the booty play, toys are a great way to explore further. Check out our Plug Walk.

We hope these help! Basically just remember, try yourself before doing it with someone you trust, use a lot of lube, and be kind to your behind :)