Here's Why You Should Always Pee After Sex...

It’s completely normal to have a feeling of having to make an urgent trip to the bathroom after a rendezvous with a partner - or yourself.

You’re NOT alone. If you have a vagina, you’ve probably heard that you should pee after sex to maintain good vaginal health and prevent UTIs.


But WHY is that?

UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) are common among women and can be caused by many different things. Statistically, women who are sexually active are more likely to get them.  

Why It Happens

  • During sex new bacteria is introduced into the urethra, and then into the urinary tract, when it builds up it can cause infection. 

Why It’s Good For You

  • Doctors everywhere agree that emptying your bladder after sex helps flush out these bacteria before they can multiply. 

What To Do When a UTI Strikes

If you suspect you have a UTI, a doctor may prescribe you antibiotics to clear things up but there are also things you can do to prevent and ease the discomfort; 

  • Drink lots of water

  • Consume more vitamin C- it makes your urine more acidic and harder for bacteria to grow.

  • Cut out irritants (i.e. caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, nicotine, carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners) 

  • Introduce healing foods into your diet (high fiber carbs, like oatmeal) 


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If you suffer from UTIs often, you’re not alone and there is nothing wrong with you, and there is help and prevention out there. Something as easy as going to the bathroom after intercourse can help improve your vaginal life and keep bacteria at bay. Having regular conversations with your doctor, urologist or gynecologist can help you monitor what’s normal and what’s not, and give you peace of mind!