How We're Closing The Pleasure Gap

This may not come (no pun intended) as a surprise to you, but not only are women experiencing inequalities in regards to pay, they’re also experiencing inequalities when it comes to, well, coming. So, what’s going on out there? We want to help close this pleasure gap!

Well first of all please know that it’s not your fault that you may not be able to climax with a partner. This issue (as many inequality issues) is systematic. We recently took a vote on our Instagram and 100% of you (ONE HUNDRED PERCENT) that participated told us that you did not learn about the clitoris in your middle school/high school anatomy classes. The fact that this is literally part of the anatomy is for a different, more angry post.

Let’s look at some other statistics, shall we?

  • In regards to non-married folks out there, below are breakdowns of percentage of people who report experiencing orgasm during sexual intimacy (according to a report published by the Archives of Sexual Behavior):

    • 95% of heterosexual men

    • 89% of gay men

    • 88% of bisexual men

    • 86% of lesbian women

    • 66% of bisexual women

    • 65% of heterosexual women

One of the many problems here is that we are not teaching our youth about the pleasurable anatomical parts of the female body, so unfortunately it is up to us to teach ourselves and our partners.

All of our toys are created for your body, your pleasure, your orgasm. We want you to explore so you can both enjoy your alone time and so you can show your partner what you like, because women are all very unique in their pleasure needs.

Karma Vibe vibrator is a great go-to vibrator. This one contours to your body and to keeps you going throughout the night. She can be used for your g-spot and for clitoral stimulation. She has TEN vibration frequencies, comes in three colors, and she’s waterproof.

Egg-Static vibrator is the perfect starter vibrator for someone who is new to the game. Not to discount its powerful clitoral stimulation for those who have been vibin’ for years (it’s important to have a collection to have some variety in your life). The Egg-Static is small, discrete, quiet, waterproof, and comes in three colors.

Money Bunny vibrator is the boss. Ten vibration frequencies that target both your g-spot and your clitoris. It is waterproof so you can make your own water sports and three colors so you can give more personally.

Bullet to the Heart vibrator is discrete as you can get. Coming in three colors, waterproof, and with a beautiful rose-gold metal detail, she gets the job DONE. This is another great one for beginners and it’s great for travelers.

Plug Walk butt plug is the most fun secret you can have! This one comes in three sizes, waterproof, ready for all lubricants, and the highest-quality stainless steel. While this isn’t a vibrator, it is another avenue to take to your orgasm. Butt plugs help stimulate your vaginal canal, making vaginal insertion more pleasurable.

Exploring yourself is an extremely important step in achieving orgasm. We can help :)

Let’s close the orgasm gap!