Your New Self Care Routine

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Self care is such a hot topic these days, and rightfully so. We’re working more than we ever have while remaining more in debt than anyone in history and we’re trying to navigate meaningful relationships with friends, lovers, and ourselves.

Long story short. We're stressed.


You can’t log onto social media or turn a corner without hearing about self care, but what does that mean?? According to Psychology Today, self care is knowing your limits, getting sleep, healthily nourishing your body, taking time for yourself daily, getting yourself out of difficult situations, getting to know yourself better, identifying what fulfills you, feeding your spiritual side, and taking time to love yourself, and love yourself with one of the best vibrators.


Now we see no better time to *insert* ourselves. You have heard all of the tips to meditate, eat healthy, do your nails, paint or color, journal, spend time outdoors, call a loved one, etc… but what about masturbation? Why is that hardly mentioned when we talk about self care? As far as we’re concerned, that checks all of the boxes in regards to the meaning of self care. As stated in a previous post: The Real Reasons a Daily Orgasm is Good for Your Health , let’s just re-emphasize the importance of getting to know yourself, your needs, how you like to be touched, reaching a metaphysical level, and relieving stress.

It’s time we add masturbation to the self care routine. It’s time we add your g spot to the self care routine. It’s time we add the clitoris to the self care routine. It’s time to add dildo’s to the self care routine. It’s time we add vibrators to the self care routine. It’s time us women add sex toys to the self care routine.


It’s Time. We add. Masturbation. To the self-care routine!!