What Does Music do to Your Sex Life?

Music makes you feel every emotion, so it’s no secret that there are many connections with music and the pleasure center of your brain. Sonos recently conducted a survey which took 30,000 people and measured the impacts music had on their love life and let’s just say, it certainly has quite the impact.


Key takeaways from this survey include:

  • Music out loud = 67% more sex. SIXTY SEVEN PERCENT MORE SEX.

  • One in five survey participants said they enjoy romantic moments more with some music on, and express their love for their partner 47 percent more.

  • 66% of people who listen to music out loud the most also best know the song that turns their partner on. This is compared to 28 percent of people who don’t listen out loud know their partner’s freaky song.


Naturally, we took this to heart and created some playlists on Spotify for you. Take a look when you’re ready to feel yourself or your partner!

Self Love Soundtracks

Pleasure Playlist

Between the Sheets // Partner Playlist