PSA: Time To Stop Faking Your Orgasm

We recently cam across this article on Bustle speaking to eight different women and non-binary people people who STOPPED FAKING THEIR ORGASMS. We are looking at 76% of women and 41% of men who have admitted to faking an orgasm because they want their partner to feel validated. Sweet, but it’s gotta stop!


We’re here to help stop this madness. It seemed as though the general consensus was that we are faking out orgasm because we maybe do not know how we want to be pleasured. As women, we need a vibrator or dildo in our lives. Our Karma Vibe is the perfect vibrator to help you explore your g spot and your clitoris. It can be used to pleasure your clit, and target your g spot. It is a fun vibrator to help you explore your body and reach orgasm!