Is Masturbation Selfish? Nope, it’s Self-Love.

If you cannot first love yourself, how can you teach anyone else how to love you…. in bed? Loving yourself is just as important for sexual satisfaction as it is for emotional happiness.
Knowing how your body works, identifying which sensations give you an “oh yes” or a “no thank you” is vital information to know about yourself before entering into a sexual experience with someone else.

Learning and exploring together is fun, but if you can’t please yourself, you may find difficulty helping someone else attempt to. Orgasms have amazing health benefits. And self-exploration is essential to sexual satisfaction. 


Lubricant is key!

Remember that lubricant is your friend, start slowly, and pay attention to how you react to different stimulation.

Get to know yourself intimately, feel your body and listen when it tells you something feels good. Get to know the spots that get excited when stimulated and which type of stimulation gets them there.

This may be weird at first, if touching yourself is new to you, but I promise it’s worth it. Everyone’s body is so beautifully different, so if it feels good, you’re probably doing it correctly. Eventually you’ll be the master of your own body, and able to direct others to tease and please you exactly how you like it. 


It’s Good for Your Health!

Masturbation is also wonderfully healthy for you. There are some ridiculous myths surrounding solo sex play; to set the record straight - No, touching yourself does not cause blindness, insanity or infertility, it’s not going to make any of your bits fall off, and no kittens are harmed when you engage in self pleasure. Masturbation CAN improve your immune functions though; the increased cortisol levels help with that.


Women can help prevent cervical cancer through masturbating; during arousal the cervix opens - this is called ‘tenting’ and it enables circulation to flush out fluids filled with bacteria. It will also help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which has a myriad of benefits of its own 💪

Studies have shown that regular masturbation can, for both men and women, reduce stress, blood pressure, and aid with insomnia because of hormonal and tension release. Along with these advantages masturbation also helps with depression by increasing the endorphins in the blood stream. 

At the end of the day you should be taking care of you, loving yourself and living a life that produces happiness. So, go diddle that skittle and be your best you! Touching yourself is not going to fix all your problems, but it is a kick starter to a better, happier you, so…go love yourself.