15 AWESOME Date Night Ideas

Everyone loves a good date night, but choosing new and exciting things to do with your special someone can be hard to do. Here I’ve compiled a list of 30 date night ideas, from easy and cheap nights into extravagant nights out on the town, there is something here for everyone. Write the ones you like on a popsicle stick and create a date night jar to take the stress out of your next romantic evening!


Let’s Get Dating!

  1. I’ll cook you clean- Pretty self-explanatory, one person cooks and then after the meal the other person cleans but make it naughty. The chef wears just the apron and hat and cooks while some sexy music plays. The one in charge of cleaning wears a spicy cleaning outfit and bend over too many times. The point is to make it fun while it’s still a simple dinner at home date, it doesn’t take much planning or extra money for special things, and it’s sure to be a great time for everyone. 

  2. Time to get thrifty- My personal favorite, each of you take $20 and go to the local thrift store and buy the other an outfit, you can choose to be nice and find them a diamond in the ruff, or you can be hilarious and find them the most horrendous outfit in the joint, either way, you each HAVE to wear what the other picked out and go out to eat somewhere. It’s best if dinner is followed up by some other social activity (bowling, skating, ice cream, trip to the park) before retiring for the evening.

  3. Picnic at the beach- grab some snacks and head to the water. Find a spot where you can enjoy the company without interruptions and admire both your date and the scenery.

  4. Take a class- Find a class in your community and go learn something together. A lot of time classes run on a weekly schedule, so it’s a guaranteed date night each week. 

  5. Tourist Date- Go play tourist. Take pictures at all the cool spots in town, take on different personas and accents if you can and just go play all day. See who can make who laugh first. Visit the attractions in your town and keep up the personas as long as you can.

  6. The Fancy Date- Get ALL dolled up- separately- and one of you comes to pick up the other (even if it’s just knocking on the bedroom door). Rent a limo if you can, all out fanciness.  Now go to the dingiest places in town. Fast food, or dive bars, somewhere where you’ll both be ridiculously overdressed. Enjoy the confused looks and how amazing you both look.

  7. Teach Me- Take turns choosing something you love and take time to teach each other about it. 

  8. Painting Night- Get some body safe paint and prepare to make a mess. Paint each other then roll all over white sheets. Beautiful, fun mess.

  9. The Surprise- Separately each person plans an epic surprise date for their partner, then you take turns surprising each other.

  10. “I Choose You”- Each person chooses their partner’s everything. Clothes, meals, drinks, all of it. You can be really nice and make it sweet and pleasant or you can push buttons and make it hilarious. 

  11. At Home Spa Night- Scented candles, dim lighting and a nice bath. Trade massages, mud masks, and just relax together. 

  12. Game Night- Either invite friends and make it a party or play just the two of you and make it naughty. Board games, video games, whatever tickles your fancy.

  13. Beer/Wine Tasting- Check for local events, if nothing is happening in town, create your own.  Each of you chooses 3-6 new things and bring them together for a tasting of your very own. 

  14. The Scavenger Hunt- Pick a hunter. The person preparing the hunt will think of 2-5 meaningful or memorable places and give clues to direct the hunter. The end of the hunt is the final destination for the rest of the night. 

  15. Giving a little back- Go volunteer at a soup kitchen or pick up some trash somewhere that needs it. Go do something good- then get ice cream after.


If you choose to stay in or go out with your S.O. a sweet end-cap is always welcomed. The perfect vibe is the ideal cherry on top. For partner play, we recommend the Karma Vibe. Discreet, curved to hug your body, and designed for maximum pleasure.

Whatever your night has in store we at Voodoo are wishing you good vibes and unforgettable memories.