The Real Reasons A Daily Orgasm is Good for Your Health

Powerful people know the benefits of taking pleasure into their own hands (ha ha). If you go down the Google inquiry hole of searching for why you should orgasm on the regular, you will find pages upon pages of articles written on this very topic.

However women seem to be drawing the short end of the stick when it comes to the frequency of their orgasms. In a study published by the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, heterosexual men are leading the way regarding regularity of orgasms – 95 percent reported that they usually-to-always orgasm when intimate, followed by 89 percent of gay men, and 88 percent of bisexual men.

Now,  let’s talk women. 86 percent of lesbians report that they usually-to-always orgasm when intimate, but only 66 percent of bisexual women and 65 percent of heterosexual women reported to.

LADIES (especially bi and straight women). What is going on here?? Why are we not getting off? Here’s just a few reasons why ensuring you get your daily orgasm quota (whether self-loving or with a partner) will benefit you more than you realize:


The benefits include closer bonds to your partner, relaxation (aka a good night’s sleep which we ALL NEED), stress relief (need I say more?). Orgasms release a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is often considered the “love hormone” because it plays a huge role in moderating social bonds, stress regulation and mental health.


While those are some great psychological benefits, there are some amazing physical benefits, aside from the actual O itself. Your blood starts flowing like crazy, which leads to extra circulation and some really great benefits to your body. The extra blood flow spreads through your body, giving you a glow, plumping those beautiful lips and causing an increase in the amount of water going through your body and into your skin, resulting in major hydration.

If there was a pill you took every day that offered stress relief, better sleep, better blood flow and circulation, better skin, and just overall happiness you would take it, right? Tell me again why we aren’t doing this daily and demanding it from play with our partners??  

At Voodoo, we’re here to help ensure you get off and get off often. Take control of your O!