Your G-Spot Guide

Haven’t Found Your G-Spot yet? HINT: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! While researching for this post, I found countless articles talking about our girl G and questioning whether or not IT’S EVEN REAL. That’s right, in 2018 we’re still questioning the elusive g-spot. Why? Well, there are many reasons. One being that we’re finally just now cracking into this conversation of women’s sexuality and orgasms. We want to ensure we keep this conversation alive an vibrant because your pleasure is literally our business.

So, light some candles, put on some music, grab a glass of wine or anything that helps you relax, get comfy, and let’s start with the basics of anatomy and find our long lost friend. Let’s go find her!

Starting with this image provided from article titled, Here’s the Truth About the G-Spot, we can really get a good look at the actual location of G.

Okay, so try laying down on your back and using a finger facing the ceiling to do some investigating for you. I have heard this described as “12 o’clock” in this position, so that may help as well. According to some help from Looking for the G-Spot? 6 Things to Know, it’s about 2.5 to 3 inches into the vagina.

Now, use your finger to do that “come over here” motion to begin stimulation, this is going to be key. Most women don’t feel anything on their g-spot unless stimulated (hence the wine and Khalid accompanying you on this journey). As you are relaxed and doing this motion, you should be feeling a small patch of soft tissue and you are hopefully beginning to feel aroused.

This is now where you get continue to enjoy this feeling and we encourage you to play with stimulation on your own so you can really get to know yourself, or you can engage either a partner to show them the ropes are where they should target. You can also find ol’ faithful to help you enjoy this moment (may we recommend our Good Vibe or Money Bunny for the ultimate experience).

While many women feel pressure and hope to accomplish orgasm, remember that self love is a journey! Try to not feel pressure for the grand finale right away. With the help of relaxation practices, personal exploration, and some aides, try to simply enjoy this time.